Costa Tequise

Costa Tequise
€ 2.240.000 (K.K.)
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Costa Tequise,

€ 2.240.000
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Investment in project "Los Ancones" which includes ca. 115.862 m² of land.

We have sketched three options for the plot which can be interchanged:

Option 1:
Apartment building/sports-hotel (two floors) 70 to 100 units – two or three rooms.

Option 2:
Semi detached cottages/villa's 110 to 150 units – three or four rooms.

Option 3:
Small recreational facilities(terraces, bars, restaurants, etc.) or shops such as a grocery shop.

Option 4: 
Placing solar panels. 

The accommodation (apartments and villa's) on the plot could either be developed and sold to private persons (for their own use) or developed for one party/investor who puts the entire real estate for lease to one or more operating/management companies.

Another point of interest is the construction and exploitation of the project is aimed to take place under EU specifications which reduce the environmental impact of the buildings over its entire lifetime, while optimizing its economic viability and the comfort and safety of its occupants. This is also the reason this project is subject to EU subsidy.

• The buildings are planned on a surface of about 75.000 m² (available 91.000 m2 since the coastal area needs to stay clear).
• The calculated provability is between 15 -20% on the investment.
• The plot is situated to the north site of Costa Teguise, near and along the North Atlantic sea (A+ Location).
• Infrastructure is already present (road, water and electricity).
• The zoning plan is “rustico” – expected in 3-6 year chance of zoning plan in “urbano”.
• Investment horizon 5 – 10 years.
• Realization of a capital growth with investment in property.
• Selling price € 2.240.000,-.

Please contact us for more information.

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