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Intercity Real Estate Management

On 2 December 1999, Intercity Real Estate Management B.V. (at that time under the name Intercity Management B.V.) was set up as a Dutch interest of a Swedish, listed property investment company. Intercity was located at Schiphol and functioned as a holding and management company for property companies in the Netherlands, Belgium and the United Kingdom.

In 2002, the Swedish directors decided to sell off all of its property interests. This led to a management buy-out by the directors of Intercity and a number of private investors. Intercity was thus given an opportunity to attract new clients. We continued to manage the remaining (some of the = weghalen) Swedish properties and expanded the property management for new clients.

The fact that the link with former shareholders was diminishing, meant there was no reason to remain at Schiphol. Intercity relocated to its current office in Hoofddorp.

Over the years, staff numbers have grown from three to sixteen. We provide full management services and Asset Management for Dutch property investors. We are also responsible for the financial administration and financial reporting for both Dutch and German property portfolios.

In 2016, we decided to change our name and appearance. In order to reflect the sector in which we work, we chose the name Intercity Real Estate Management. The new logo visualises the three most important cornerstones, i.e. Asset Management, Property Management and Accountancy.

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