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RB International Real Estate


RB International Real Estate distinguishes itself from the traditional market with a focus on professionals, expats and individuals. RB International real estate stands for a high-quality and versatile service and specializes in the various facets of real estate.


Wat is a full services broker? Full service means the full package of services. That starts with a valuation and a consultation and ends with the notary. A full service broker takes care of the entire sales process or purchase process o a home or apartment. This way the broker relives you from A to Z.

As a VBO broker from Amsterdam, we offer high-quality homes with a high level of finish and exclusive appearance. We specialize in the various facets of real estate, such as;

  • Purchase and sale of homes in and around Amsterdam
  • Buying an renting properties in and around Amsterdam
  • Full expat service
  • Housing offer from abroad
  • Moreover, we operate in a very strong network
  • Bovendien opereren we in een zeer sterk netwerk.


We offer high-quality, turn-key apartments in Amsterdam with an excellent finish and a great look.


We are an experienced, full service broker in Amsterdam with market knowledge, a great network.


We therefore continue until we have the best deal for our client.


Our team of real estate agents know all properties personally. In this way we achieve the best and fastest result for you.


The purchase or sale of a home are almost always important decisions in a lifetime. That is why carefulness & transparency are of the utmost important to us.

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