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Spring Real Estate

Spring Real Estate Netherlands 

Selling real estate 

Optimal sales results through integral expertise throughout the sales process

  • Team of senior advisors with strong analytical and commercial skills
  • Transaction-driven and experienced negotiators
  • From small private sales to full marketing processes where the maximum result is always central
  • Sales processes without open ends

Tailor-made sales process

In any sales process, preparation is a key to success. We inventory and analyze all documentation in order to advise you optimally on the most promising sales methods and candidate buyers. Once the actual sales process begins, candidates are personally approached by our team of senior advisors. Throughout the entire process, our advisors remain involved from viewings to delivery.

Integrated approach with other disciplines

The size of our office allows us to make the best use of in-house disciplines. When selling single-assets or portfolios, it may be desirable to involve our marketing department to market the product in a distinctive way. Our Agency teams and Research assist in providing current market data and our Legal Counsel in legal processing.

Maximum results, minimum risks

We understand that maximum results are paramount. Obviously you want to achieve the highest sales result, but for us, eliminating risk is also part of maximum result. What is the risk of the buyer not buying or a Due Diligence trying to get the price down. These risks can be minimized in a customized sales process.

Spring Real Estate Valencia 

Property Management 

The Spring Valencia team offers a comprehensive Property Management Service to support international investors in managing their property portfolio. We provide: 

  • High level of service
  • Transparent agreements
  • Risk management
  • A professional team

Complete carefree property management

Our Property Management team offers complete carefree management of your property. The team has extensive experience in financial, technical and commercial property management. A deliberate choice was made to have a solid back office and a platform that provides the team with daily support.

Direct contact with tenants

In addition to personal contact with you and your tenants, we have some other basic requirements. These include knowledge of laws and regulations, administrative processes, financial reporting or contract management. Through clear communication about transparent agreements, you can achieve your own goals. Meanwhile, we ensure that your tenants remain satisfied.

Realite property management software

The team in Valencia uses Realite, an advanced real estate management application. In this system, we can accurately track finances, manage leases, schedule maintenance, keep track of tenants and generate reports. This tool greatly simplifies property management for the team. Property owners can log into the application at any time for up-to-date insight into their portfolio. 

Realite is also used by Spring Real Estate in the Netherlands. As a result, they provide a uniform and consistent solution for both international and local properties.

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